Cutlery trays for 100 cm drawer

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Cutlery boxes for 100 cm drawer
Drawers usually only reach the magical limit of 100 cm in large kitchens. These are often exactly the rooms in which chefs, whether for hobby or professional reasons, can feel really comfortable. Here you can let yourself and your cooking imagination run wild.

If you are one of these cooks, you will probably enjoy having your kitchen cutlery waiting for you neatly and neatly in a cutlery tray for 100 cm drawers. With a clear handle you can get your spoons, forks and knives out of the 100 cm cutlery trays. This brings a high level of efficiency into your kitchen.

Plenty of space in your cutlery drawer for 100 cm wide drawers
100 cm is an enormous drawer width for many kitchens. The cutlery boxes for 100 cm drawers from the range make skilful and orderly use of this space. Not only the three cutlery items mentioned above, but also the cooking utensils find their own storage space here.

A cutlery insert for a 100 cm drawer can easily accommodate your slotted spoon, wooden spoon or cake server. This means you are ideally prepared for baking and composing cakes, tarts, cream cakes, brownies, cupcakes or muffins, among other things.

Order, cleanliness - cutlery trays are easy to clean and food safe
A drawer that is exactly one meter wide has the potential to hold many small objects such as cutlery. Without the organizing compartments of a cutlery tray there would be a lot of chaos here. The cutlery boxes for 100 cm wide drawers on offer from also score points when it comes to cleanliness. Both the plastic and wooden cutlery trays are easy to wipe clean and food-safe.

Cutlery trays from – there are hardly any cooking wishes left unfulfilled
As you can see, the cutlery trays for 100 cm wide drawers leave nothing to be desired for passionate hobby cooks. We can also respond to your wishes in a variety of payment methods. You are free to choose whether you want to pay for your cutlery boxes for 100 cm drawers via Amazon Pay, PayPal, credit card, direct debit, advance payment (bank transfer) or cash upon collection. Purchasing on account is also possible.

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