Waste shredder

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Waste shredder
There are two different systems for disposing of organic kitchen waste. Either via an organic waste bag or via a modern waste shredder. If you opt for the second option, the Livingpoint24.de online store offers you a high-quality selection of the best waste shredders.

Also known as food shredders, these appliances have a clear advantage over organic waste bags. The waste shredder cuts your organic waste into small pieces and transports it immediately via the sewage system to a treatment plant equipped for this purpose. It takes some time for an organic waste bag to fill up, usually under the sink. During this time, the organic material usually starts to smell unpleasant. If you want a pleasant, organic waste-free smell in your kitchen, the waste grinders for your sink from the Livingpoint24.de range are an excellent choice.

Advantages of a waste grinder
You can weigh up the purchase cost of a waste grinder for your kitchen sink against the cost of your organic waste garbage can. With the exception of large green waste, you can dispose of food scraps or even moist organic waste in the permitted regions into the sewage system via the waste shredder without any problems. By shredding the food (bones, vegetables, etc.), there is also no risk of parts of it getting stuck in the pipes. The chance of pipes becoming blocked by food scraps is minimized by using a food chopper in your sink.

In 2007, around 6 million tons of organic waste were disposed of in Germany. According to the Federal Statistical Office, this cost citizens around 800 million euros. The use of private waste and waste shredders has considerably reduced these costs since then.

Safe liquefaction even without blades
Livingpoint24.de also offers models that can liquefy food waste using centrifugal force. Due to regular use, the appliances are mostly self-cleaning and maintenance-free. The durability of the waste grinders is ensured, among other things, by the stainless steel from which most of them are made.

For many users, it is important that they are quiet. Our waste shredders generally have low-noise motors. If you have chosen one of our quality waste shredders, our Livingpoint24.de team will be happy to process your order for you quickly.

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